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Science Communication Internships

Las Cumbres Observatory Internship 6-8 weeks Cardiff, UK

Job Description

Are you interested in space, design, or visualisation? We are running a  6-8 week, paid internship programme during July and August 2017. We are looking for students to work with the Las Cumbres Observatory education team to create tools for science communication, related to astronomy and robotic telescopes. This ‘tool’ can be a physical object, a website, a game, a book, or something else. We will use these tools in exhibitions, school workshops, teacher training and other science communication events across the world.

You don’t have to have a maths, astronomy or physics background to apply, but ideas and a creative spirit are essential.

Project: Create a tool for use in science communication in astronomy

Who: We welcome applications from artists, designers, computer scientists, mathematicians, engineers, physicists, engineers, anyone who has experience or interest in creating tools for science communication.

Where: Cardiff University, School of Physics & Astronomy, UK

Person Specification

Web design, graphic design, science communication, hardware design, Python, pyGame, Phaser.IO, Blender, Unity. programming.

Apply Now!Deadline: 1 May 2017

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