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Graduate Training Programmes

Graduate training programmes are structured training schemes for graduates usually run by large companies.

Graduate schemes and graduate training programmes are offered by many large companies and usually last betwen one and two years.

Grad schemes differ from 'graduate jobs' because they have structured training similar to an internship, this often involves work in a number of different departments. Graduate jobs tend to just be jobs that are aimed at recent graduates, and won't always involve training.

Airbus Defence and Space

Scheme: Airbus Defence and Space UK Graduate Programme
Application Period: Positions released from October to December
Location: UK Usually Portsmouth/ Stevenage
Subjects: Engineering; Physics; Maths


Scheme: Technical Graduate Programme or Technical Consulting Graduate Programme
Application Period: As advertised
Location: UK (Space and Defence unit based in Leatherhead)
Subjects: Computer science or IT/STEM based subjects that required the use of complex programming


Scheme: Graduate Development Programme
Application Period: Positions released October
Location: UK@ Sailsbury; Fareham; Sevenoaks; Gosport; Harwell
Subjects: Primarily STEM subjects

European Space Agency (ESA)

Scheme: Young Graduate Trainee (YGT) (1 year contract)
Application Period: Positions released mid-November
Location: Europe-Wide
Subjects: Engineering; Physics; Biology; Medicine; Business; Law

HE Space

Scheme: Various Positions
Application Period: As advertised
Location: Europe-Wide: Harwell; Noordwijk; Bremen; Munich; Darmstadt; Houston
Subjects: Engineering; Science; Management; Finance; Administration; IT


Scheme: Various Graduate Oppourtunites
Application Period: Early Autumn onwards
Location: UK- Various
Subjects: Science; Maths; Engineering; Technology; Business

RAL Space

Scheme: Graduate Training Schemes / Graduate Internships. Other STFC positions avaliable
Location: UK – Oxfordshire
Subjects: Mechanical; Thermal; Electrical Engineering; STEM subjects

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL)

Scheme: SSTL Graduate Development Programme
Application Period: Applications open late Autumn / Winter
Location: UK Surrey 
Subjects: Astronautics; Space Systems Engineering; Physics with Space Science; Electronic Engineering; Software Engineering; Mechanical Engineering

Telespazio VEGA

Scheme: Various Positions
Application Period: As advertised
Location: Europe-Wide
Subjects: Primarily STEM subjects

Thales UK

Scheme: Engineering Graduate Development Program & Business Management and Finance Graduate Development Programmes
Application Period: Recruits on a rolling basis 
Location: UK- Various
Subjects: Maths; Physics; Engineering; Computer Science; Business; Finance; Economics; Accounting


Portia Bowman

Portia works at Thales Alenia Space UK is a graduate of the University of Leicester (Space Exploration Systems MSc (SEEDS) and Physics with Astrophysics BSc).

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