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Space in Your School

Get involved in real space projects and get space students and professionals in your classroom.

Space inspires like nothing else, and links to everything from physics to art. Get involved in one of these projects and you could be handling real data from experiments in space right now.

Earth Observation Detective (All year)
Use photographs taken from space to investigate how our planet is changing.

For students:

The Great British Space Dinner
Can you design a menu suitable for an astronaut?

“I’m an Astronaut, Get me out of here”
Meet and interact with the people behind Principia and human space missions.

Destination Space: Meet the Space Crew
Meet the people behind space missions and take a quiz to see where you might fit it

For teachers:

ESERO-UK Grant Scheme
Grants of up to £1000 for schools

Rocket Science
Grow your own space salad.

Space to Earth Challenge
Run, swim, cycle, climb, dance or exercise the 400 km distance from the Earth to the ISS orbit.

Team Tim
An entertaining and interactive science show for delivered by a team of trained presenters.

TimPix (December 2015)
Monitor radiation levels in space

Destination Space: Classroom Resources
Images, videos, and articles about Tim Peake's mission

Outreach Teams & Events

There are lots of outreach teams who like nothing better than to talk about space all day. Get in touch with one and get them into your school.


UKSEDS is the national student space society. Its members are university students from many different courses across the country, all with a passion for space. They regularly do outreach in schools and at science fairs, with hands on activites and demonstrations.

If you'd like to get some volunteers in to your school, then get in touch at UKSEDS outreach is funded by the UK Space Agency and the National Stem Centre, so there is no cost to schools.

Activities and talks can be tailored to any age group.


SpaceFund are a professional team of educators who aim to inspire and excite children with space. They offer a number of different interactive performances that take primary school students on an imaginary journey through our solar system that ties into the National Curriculm.

Prices start at £300 for a session for 150 students.

Science Centre Events

Science Centres across the country run events like planetarium shows and hands-on sessions. Find your local one and what they're doing here.

Prices start at £300 for a session for 150 students.


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