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Make the most of your time at university by joining (or setting up) a space society at your university.

Many universities have student societies that are related to space. Some will be conviently named 'Space Society' or 'AstroSoc'. Others will be Physics or Engineering departmental socities that include space along with lots of other things.

Societies run projects doing things like model rocketry, high altitude ballooning, amateur radio, and astronomy, as well as careers events, talks, and social activities like movie nights. Joining a society is a great way to gain useful skills, and to meet like-minded students and future employers.


Most of these societies are linked together through affiliation with UKSEDS, the national student space society. UKSEDS is in turn linked to other national organisations throughout the world.

You can check on the UKSEDS website whether there's a society at your university. If not, why not start one up yourself? UKSEDS will provide you with all the guidance you need. If you'd rather not, then you can join UKSEDS as an individual instead.

UKSEDS alumni are all over the space sector, from professors of the International Space University to heads of national space agencies, to spacecraft engineers and astrophysicists, and the name is well recognised by the industry.


Joseph Dudley

Joseph studied Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London, and created

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