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Got a competitive streak? There are loads of competitions you can get involved in to show off your skills and learn some new ones

CREST Awards Complete a STEM research, design, or communication project for a gold, silver, or bronze award

Leaders Award Engage in STEM activities and meet and interview professional engineers.

Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut An international educational challenge focusing on fitness and nutrition to encourage students to train like an astronaut.

Peterhouse Cambridge Essay Competition Write a science essay on one of a variety of topics

STEM Awards Challenges in a number of fields supported by major companies

UK Space Design Competition (All year) Science and engineering competition to design settlements in space



These competitions are currently closed, but keep an eye out for 2020 competitions!

Google Science Fair Conduct a research project of your choice with the chance to win fantastic prizes

National Science + Engineering Competition National competition for science, technology, engineering and maths projects

Young Engineers Engineering competitions and projects for primary and secondary schools students.

Zero Robotics The Zero Robotics tournament turns the ISS into a gaming arena for football-sized satellites in a virtual field filled with obstacles.


Joseph Dudley

Joseph studied Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London, and created

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