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Amy Anderson


Amy Anderson

Electronics Engineer at Clyde Space

My work largely involves design and test of power systems for small satellites. It’s hard to keep track but I have a least a couple of power systems I worked on orbiting the earth right now!

I graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering in 2012. My first year after graduation was spent working at Thales as an Electronics Engineer, after which I joined Clyde Space in a similar role.

It’s a cliché but the problem solving is the best part of the job. If you’ve never had any experience in engineering it’s maybe difficult to appreciate just how open-ended and complex this process can be. As a student you work in an environment where there are already answers to the problems you’re trying to solve; as an engineer you get to figure out the solutions for problems that have never been solved before on a (reasonably) regular basis.

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