Hazel Jeffrey Credit: Clyde Space
Hazel Jeffrey


Hazel Jeffrey

Spacecraft Systems Engineer at Clyde Space

At Clyde Space, I’ve undertaken in-depth design studies with the European Space Agency, and I’ve worked very closely with a team of engineers on our SeaHawk earth observation CubeSat, from the initial concept through to its first major design review. I’m now working within our digital systems engineering team.

I studied Aeronautical Engineering (MEng) at The University of Glasgow and joined Clyde Space as a Systems Engineer a few months after my graduation in 2014. 

 I enjoy engineering as it is a constant learning process, there’s always new and interesting problems to solve. There are so many different career paths you can follow with the skills you learn through studying engineering, from applied maths and physics, critical thinking and, probably the most valuable to any job, problem-solving.

Full article available at: https://www.clyde.space/latest/96-ilooklikeanengineer


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