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Bena Mero


Bena Mero

Spacecraft Systems Engineer at Clyde Space

At Clyde Space, I am the lead engineer on PICASSO, a joint project which will study the Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere. I am also helping with the Outernet project, through manufacturing and integration; these satellites aim to broadcast high data-rate humanitarian information worldwide.

I graduated from McGill University with a degree in physics followed by a MSc in Aerospace Engineering Sciences from University of Colorado at Boulder. The first CubeSat I worked on was launched in January and won AIAA small sat of the year.

I have always been fascinated by the vastness of space and all its unknowns. I studied physics because I was interested in astronomy and cosmology, and did an engineering degree to set myself up for a career in space sciences. I’m driven by the hope that my work will one day contribute to improving our understanding our mysterious universe, even if only a little!

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