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SpaceCareers.uk is a careers website for young people

There is a lack information on the huge number of different career paths into the space sector, but we are working to change that.

Our goal is to become the best resource for space careers. We want to create a resource that is valuable to both students and companies, and that will help the UK's space sector continue to grow. The site launched on 15th December 2015, the day of British astronaut Tim Peake's flight.

We have been recognised by the Prime Minister as "a crucial service to thousands of people across the country that want to learn more about careers in the space industry" and two of our founders were awarded Points of Light awards in recognition of their outstanding work. We were also recognised by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in 2019 for our important work in the space sector.

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The People Behind SpaceCareers.uk

SpaceCareers.uk is a project of UKSEDS, the UK's national student space society. You can find our more about UKSEDS and our work on our website.

Joseph Dudley

Joseph has volunteered for UKSEDS since joining the committee in July 2012. Joseph is the Lead Developer of SpaceCareers.uk, and created the logo and branding, the code for the website, and many of the original articles. Outside UKSEDS, he spent three years volunteering for the Space Science & Engineering Foundation, helping to organise the UK Space Design Competition, three years running ICSEDS at Imperial College London, and two years volunteering for CoderDojo, teaching children to code. In October 2017, he and Portia were given a Points of Light award by the Prime Minister for creating SpaceCareers.uk. Joseph currently works for a charity in London and as a director of the Space Skills Alliance.


Portia Bowman

Portia was the UKSEDS Careers Officer from 2014 to 2017, running the careers team  and leading the development of careers resources, originally on the UKSEDS website, and then on SpaceCareers.uk, progressing the project from an idea to implementation and development. She expanded the careers team from just herself to around ten volunteers, leading and training new members, and building relationships with industry contacts to secure sponsorship and enabling collaboration. She graduated from the SEEDS Masters programme at the University of Leicester in 2014 and now works as Systems Engineer at MDA. In October 2017, she and Joseph were given a Points of Light award by the Prime Minister for creating SpaceCareers.uk.


Robert Garner

Rob served on the UKSEDS Executive Committee for three years, initially as Treasurer and subsequently as Vice Chair. Rob developed the initial strategic plan of SpaceCareers.uk, and was responsible for defining the role of the website, and approaching members of industry to get involved. He is a Mission Analyst at the UK Space Agency and is also completing a PhD researching the environmental impact of super/hypersonic vehicles and future launchers at the University of Strathclyde. Rob graduated with a Physics with Space Science and Technology MPhys from the University of Leicester in 2014.


Heidi Thiemann

Heidi first joined the Careers Team in 2016, and served as the Treasurer of UKSEDS in 2017/18. She is now focusing on increasing the breadth of opportunities and interviews on SpaceCareers.uk. Outside UKSEDS, she has been a Senior Mentor at Space School UK since 2014, and is involved with a range of public engagement, from Soapbox Science to Space Camp UK. Heidi graduated with a MPhys in Physics in Space Science and Technology from the University of Leicester in 2017, and studied the eating habits of Sika Deer at Nara Women's University in 2016. She is now a PhD student researching variable stars in the SuperWASP all-sky survey at The Open University and a director of the Space Skills Alliance.


Karolina Nikolova

Karolina joined UKSEDS in 2016 as a member of the Careers Team working on SpaceCareers.uk and helping other young people follow their passion by joining the space industry. She served on the Executive Committee in 2017/18, initially as At-Large Member and subsequently as Secretary. Outside of UKSEDS, Karolina is currently in her final year of MEng Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bath. Her professional experience includes a year as a Space Systems Engineering intern at Thales Alenia Space. Previously, she worked at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and GE Aviation.


Sara Hardy

Sara is a member of the UKSEDS Careers Team, helping to engage with students and employers, and co-ordinate the SpaceCareers.uk website. She is particularly interested in the commercial, political and non-technical sides of the space sector. Sara currently works in Corporate Strategy for the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, which invests over £450 million in research every year on behalf of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Sara also has experience of managing national skills programs alongside postgraduate and early career research funding.


Emma Collier

Emma joined SpaceCareers.uk in 2018 as an intern as part of the Space Placements in INdustry (SPIN) scheme. During her time as an intern she focused on developing and expanding the resources and information on the space careers website. She is currently a third year student studying for an MPhys in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Southampton.


Aine O'Brien

Áine joined UKSEDS as Secretary and the Careers team in March 2018. Áine helped set up Diversity in Space Careers (DISC) and helps run other events such as Careers Launch and NSSC. Áine is a PhD student at the University of Glasgow studying organic materials in martian meteorites. Before her PhD, she taught Physics and Astronomy to high school students for 3 years, before this, she studied Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Leicester.


James O'Neill

James joined UKSEDS in 2018 as a member of the Careers Team working on SpaceCareers.uk, to help other students find career information for the space industry. James is currently a Postgraduate Masters student studying an MSc in Space Systems Engineering at the University of Southampton, having previously graduated with a BEng Aerospace Systems Engineering degree from Coventry University in 2018.




Jacob Smith

Jacob joined the UKSEDS Careers Team in 2018 and became Careers Team Leader in 2019. He is keen to raise awareness of the large variety of space-related careers and help people of all backgrounds get in to the space sector. Jacob studied BEng Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath and is now studying for an MSc in Astronautics and Space Engineering at Cranfield University. Jacob completed a placement year at Airbus and enjoys performing outreach as a Student Space Ambassador and STEM Ambassador.


Lilli Helps

Lilli joined our careers team in 2018 to help give people the same great opportunities to be involved with space activities as she had. She has recently finished her 3rd year of an MPhys Physics with Astrophysics degree at the University of Leicester where she is the president of the Astronomy and Rocketry Society.





Ewan Wright

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Ewan became a member of UKSEDS in 2017 and joined the careers team in 2018 to help make space careers more accessible to students of all subjects. Having worked as a Business Analyst at the Satellite Applications Catapult, he is particularly interested in the business side of the emerging small satellite industry. He is currently in his final year studying for an Aerospace Engineering MEng degree at the University of Sheffield.





Laura Martin

Laura joined UKSEDS and the careers team in 2019, to help spread the message that there is no single path to a career in the space sector; a space career is for everyone. Laura graduated with a BSc (Hons) Maths in 2017, and has recently completed a PGDip in Astronomy with the University of York. She is currently studying on the LJMU MSc Observational Astrophysics programme.




Emily Truman

Emily joined the UKSEDS Careers Team in 2019 and has gone on to become the Outreach Team Leader. They are keen to make the space sector accessible to all, and to increase awareness of non-traditional paths to working in the space sector. Outside of UKSEDS Emily is in the final year of a BSc in Physics with Planetary and Space Physics at Aberystwyth University. 



Steven George

Steve joined UKSEDS in 2018 as executive committee following a successful in his MSc Astronautics & Space Engineering at Cranfield University.  After graduating with an MSci (Hons) Physics, Steve worked for several years in the laser optics industry before deciding on a career in space. In attempt to supplement his passion for space, Steve was also elected as CranSEDS President whilst at Cranfield University, and led the society in national competitions and events. Steve now works as a Space Systems Engineer at RAL Space.


Sophia Lee Roberts

Sophia joined the SpaceCareers.uk team in 2019, and has gone on to become the (Acting) Secretary of UKSEDS. She is a second year Physics and Philosophy undergraduate at King’s College London, and is keen to promote the opportunities within the space sector to anyone who will listen. Outside of UKSEDS, Sophia is President of the King’s College London Space Society, Treasurer of the KCL Womxn in Physics society, and sits on the organising board of the Space Science & Engineering Foundation’s Galactic Challenge.



Antonio Duduianu 

Antonio joined UKSEDS and SpaceCareers.uk in January 2020 and was quickly elected as part of the executive committee, currently acting as the point of contact for the careers team responsible for this website. He is particularly passionate about mentoring younger people and helping others learn and develop their skills, especially with regards to space and STEM. Outside of UKSEDS, he is a third year Aerospace Engineering undergraduate student at the University of Bath, returning to finish his degree after an internship year of working on turbochargers. 



Armin Ziadlourad

Armin joined UKSEDS and the SpaceCareers.uk team in January 2020 and has been an active member since, recently becoming the Careers Team in March. He is passionate about helping students find careers in the space industry, and wants the sector to become accessible to all disciplines. Outside of UKSEDS Armin is a second year Astrophysics student studying at UCL and has previously acted as the careers officer for UCL Physics Society. Having also completed several internships in artificial intelligence and business analysis, he is especially interested in the combination of business and space. 


Christina MacLeod

Christina joined the SpaceCareers.uk team in January, 2020, as one of the content writers for the website. This involves increasing the amount of careers resources on the website, through creating job profiles and interviewing people pursuing space careers. Christina is keen to promote the space sector to everyone around her, and encourage the next generation to pursue space related roles. She is currently a third year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Edinburgh, where she is the Sponsorship Manager of the endeavour, the University of Edinburgh's rocketry team, and the Engineering Representative at Edinburgh University Women in STEM Society.


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