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Watch: What does the Space Industry want from Graduates?

5 things the space industry wants from graduates: The videos from the workshop organised by the Space Universities Network.

At the UK Space Conference on May 30th 2017 in Manchester, attended the launch of the Space Universities Network, SUN. SUN is a network of over 40 space scientists, engineers and academics from 23 institutions. They aim to help create a skilled workforce of graduates who can meet the challenges of future space exploration as well as develop and promote effective practice​ and innovation in the delivery of university ­level space science and engineering curricula. 

You can find our write up of the workshop here.

The videos from the workshop are now available to view on YouTube.

Lucy Berthoud: Introduction to the Space Universities Network

Dr Lucy Berthoud, Chair of the UK Space Universities Network (SUN) introduces the organisation at the 2nd SUN workshop at the UK Space Conference..

View here.

Rosalind Azouzi, Royal Aeronautical Society

Rosalind Azouzi is Rosalind is Head of Skills and Careers at the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) in London, overseeing its outreach, careers and employability activities. In this talk, she provides advice to undergraduates seeking jobs in the UK Space sector.

View here.

Andrew Stroomer, Airbus

Andrew Stroomer, the site manager for Airbus Defence and Space, Stevenage, talks about what Airbus Defence and Space wants from graduates.

View here.

Shefali Sharma, Oxford Space Systems

Shefali Sharma in business development at Oxford Space Systems (OSS) explains what OSS wants from graduates.

View here.

Kathie Bowden, UK Space Agency

Kathie Bowden from the UK Space Agency speaking about the space growth partnership, SPIN internships and skills gaps in the UK Space industry.

View here.

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