Technicians load cargo into the Cygnus spacecraftCredit: Orbital Sciences Corp
Technicians load cargo into the Cygnus spacecraft

Job Profile


Technicians are at the forefront of building and testing spacecraft and space systems, perfect for someone who is looking for a hands on career.

Technicians are have great technical skills in laboratory testing, construction, model building and research and development. They are practical specialists that are trained in the use of specific equipment and have great expertise in troubleshooting, inspecting, maintenance, manufacturing and equipment operation, among other things.

Technicians hold a vital role within the space industry working alongside engineers to bring mission designs to reality. Technicians work alongside engineers throughout the process of getting space systems off the ground, working in all areas such as computer, electrical and electronic and mechanical engineering, as well as robotics and telecommunications.Testing systems is a vital part of a technicians job to ensure that the technologies they are developing are able to withstand the harsh space environment.

Skills of a Technician

Technicians are highly skilled in troubleshooting problems and identifying ways of solving them. As a technician you also need excellent communication and team working skills as you will be working alongside engineers and often across multiple disciplines.  

Routes into being a Technician

Technicians will have knowledge of the general principles of their field, but not necessarily have an academic background. At least 2 years of specialised training is required to be a technician which can be gained from a technical institution, vocational school or from an apprenticeship. Practical experience is also invaluable for pursuing a career as a technician, this could come from an internship or a summer job in a laboratory.


Emma Collier

Emma studies Physics with Astronomy at the University of Southampton.

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