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Lecturers primarily work in Higher Education institutions teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses, supervising PhD students and also conducting their own research.

Lecturers at Higher Education institutions cover a variety of roles, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses that are often related to their own areas of research. They will often work with research teams within a department and supervise PhD students alongside lecturing. Alongside your own research, you will deliver lectures, seminars and tutorials and also assess students work.

Teaching within the space sector is vital to inspire the next generation of researchers and engineers. With the space industry growing rapidly, is essential that the next generation are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to keep the space sector moving forward, for this, teaching is an essential requirement.

There are also many opportunities for lecturers to work outside of their institution through outreach work, international conferences and participating in wider research. 

Skills of a Lecturer

Being passionate about your subject and what you are teaching is incredibly important. 

If you are not passionate about what you teach, you are not going to inspire the next generation of students to be interested in your subject area. It is also very important that you are able to manage your time effectively so you are able to keep up with your research and planning for lectures and marking.

Working Conditions

A majority of lecturers are based at academic institutions and often work in fairly structured environments with regular teaching hours. Research time and other administration tasks such as marking coursework and exams and producing teaching material is fitted around this.

Routes into Lecturing

To begin lecturing, generally, you will need to have completed a PhD in a related area, with many completing a number of post-doc or fellowship positions before starting to lecture, in some areas, experience in industry alongside a degree is just as valuable as a PhD. A majority of lecturers do not hold a teaching qualification but gained experience in teaching while completing their PhD through assisting with undergraduate practicals and problem classes.

And if you wish to lecture outside of the UK then be sure to check the qualification requirements in the country you are interested in as these can differ!


Emma Collier

Emma studies Physics with Astronomy at the University of Southampton.

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