Sarah Cruddas

Space Journalist, TV Host, and Author

What does your role involve?

In a nutshell - travelling the world chatting about space for television as well as high profile talks - trying to inspire as many people as possible about why space matters. This sounds glamorous, but there is a lot of hard work involved and long days. But I love it. My goal is to help people understand why space matters. 

How did you get your job? Was it easy?

I created my job myself. I studied Physics with Astrophysics, then a postgrad in Broadcast Journalism. After that I worked as a Weather Presenter with the BBC and then as a Science Correspondent. But my true love was space and I left the BBC to create the field of Space Journalism. The rest as they say is history.

What advice would you give to people looking for a job in your industry? 

Work hard and never give up. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Getting to be part of something greater than us all. The exploration of space is the most significant thing we will ever do as a species. 

What is the most challenging part of your role?

Working for yourself is always hard. I don't get much time off, but I love what I do. 

Where do you want to be in 5/10 years?

Inspiring more people about the possibilities of space. 

When did you become interested in space/the space industry?

I cannot remember a time when I haven't been interested in space. One of my first memories is looking up at the Moon as a child. We are just this one planet, in this one average solar system, which is one of many which exists in the universe. We cannot even begin to imagine what is out there. My question is - why would you not be interested in space?

What decisions or opportunities you took do you think significantly influenced the fact you got that job?

I loved space, but knew doing a PhD wasn't right for me. Communication seemed a natural fit. 

Is there anything you wished you’d learned at university that would come in useful now?

That things will fall into place, even if you don't believe it at the time. Also always aim higher. Never sell yourself short. 

What decisions or opportunities you took do you think significantly influenced the fact you got that job? 

Doing lots of work experience at my local BBC radio station, while studying at the University of Leicester. Also not taking no for an answer - I remember being told during one placement that I needed to manage my expectations about what I could achieve. I'm glad I didn't listen.

What is the most exciting space thing you’ve seen or heard about? 

Oh so many things. Can I have the whole commercial space sector as my answer? I like to think of Apollo as being like the 'Columbus moment' for space exploration and the new commercial space sector as being the 'Mayflower moment'. Business is going to transform space in ways we cannot even begin to imagine, as well as working to improve life on Earth. 

What are your favourite things?

Travelling and flying. I love to explore our planet. It is beautiful and the only one where we know for sure that life exists. I encourage you all to explore as much as possible. You will not regret it. 


Jacob Smith

Jacob studies MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering at Cranfield University

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