Top Trumps Artwork Competition

The team at are putting together a set of top trump style playing cards based on careers in the space industry, and we’re looking for some artists to design the artwork for each card!

We are running a competition for Year 5 and Year 6 classes across the country where they can send in an original submission for their chosen job. The winner will have their drawing featured on the respective card, along with their name.

The teacher information pack is available here

The student worksheet is available here

When the competition is over and all of the submissions have been chosen, the cards will be printed and distributed as a physical set, available for sale at future UKSEDS events. The funds raised from this will help finance our charitable work at UKSEDS.

The deadline for the competition is 12 June 2020.

Good luck!


Craig Orrock

Craig is an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Heriot-Watt.

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