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Homeschool Resources for School Pupils: Space Edition

Learn about some new resources for you to browse that will help make learning about space more fun, especially during a challenging time where school lessons have been disrupted.

Life is a bit confusing right now. New regulations are coming in, people are staying at home, and your school lessons have been altered drastically. It can all become a bit repetitive, and it seems like there is nowhere to find new, exciting resources. However, SpaceCareersUK is here to brighten up your lockdown.

We think that space resources are amazing, and want to bring some of them to you. If you were worried that you might be sent advanced papers of calculations, fear not. We have collected a list of resources for you to browse that will help make learning about space more fun!

Due to Covid-19, UKSEDS decided to move activities for young people online, and available to the public. Material is readily available, all the way for students in year 1 to year 11, so whether you have the hankering to create a model of the solar system, or want to design a lunar base, there are a range of activities available. Be sure to share your creations with us on Twitter @UKSEDS

The European Space Agency, in collaboration with the UK Space Agency, have launched the 2021 version of Mission X: Walk the Moon, running from January to May. Essentially, teams of students and families complete various challenges, ranging from physical to scientific, to earn points for their country. You can train like an astronaut, since the activities were developed by space scientists and fitness professionals who actually work with astronauts! These points are translated into steps to help the mission mascots walk the distance between the Earth to the Moon. Although aimed at those aged 8-12, anyone is eligible to participate, as long as teams are led by an educator or parent. It’s not too late to register, as long as you do so by the end of the challenge on the 31st of May.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory also has an Education branch, where they continually post new activities, host competitions, and post new content! Here, you can learn how to land on Mars, and then design your own lander! There are also great multimedia resources if you want to download things such as incredible posters!

The Skype a Scientist programme connects scientists with classrooms and individuals across the globe. This will give you the chance to speak to a real-life scientist, and ask any questions you may have!

If you are looking for fun experiments to follow along with, Emily Calandrelli, otherwise known as The Space Gal, has created a series of videos entitled “Science Experiments to Do at Home” that are on Youtube. From extracting star poison from cereal, to learning about non-Newtonian fluids by making oobleck, Emily has you covered with exciting experiments backed up by science.

Some other online resources include:

National Geographic Kids offers primary resources for children in the space area.

The Challenger Centre has various STEM resources, which are best led by a teacher or mentor who can assist with the content.

Space Kids UK has a range of articles to help you learn more about the space sector.

Twinkl has materials designed by teachers to encourage young audiences to explore space.

Enjoy exploring the above resources, and be sure to reach out to SpaceCareers UK if you have any additional activities to add to the list! 


Christina MacLeod

Christina is an undergraduate student studying towards an MEng in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh.

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