Innovative Solutions In Space (ISIS)


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The company is vertically integrated and combines research and developmenttestinglaunch services, and operation of small space systems in a single organization. This allows ISIS to provide the right solution for every customer, from subsystems to full turn-key missions and custom solutions.

ISIS operates globally and serves a variety of customers in accomplishing their projects and space missions. Our main site is in Delft in the the Netherlands, while we also have an office in Somerset West in South Africa. ISIS works closely together with technology partners, suppliers and space companies from the Netherlands, South Africa, and elsewhere in the world.

Our focus is primary on solutions involving satellite systems in the range of 1 to 30 kilograms, although sometimes we use our expertise in this field in other domains. This can be in the area of microsatellites, minaturised payload systems and miniaturized satellite components as well as specialized product areas such as holddown and release systems.

ISIS employs over 75 specialist employees all of which have a background in space technology and engineering.

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