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We made it our mission to address this issue, by making it as easy as possible for users to access the imagery they need. We use our expertise in this sector, and in technology development, to save users time and hassle in accessing the data they need, so that they can spend more time on what they do best.
To do this, we have developed EarthImages, a suite of web-based applications and APIs which provide users of imagery with the necessary tools to search for, select and access imagery from a multitude of civilian satellites.
Alongside this technology, our expert knowledge ensures that users can be confident that we are providing them with the data which serves their requirements best, in terms of budget or application. We provide access to a multitude of image sources, with our global connections with an unprecedented number of satellite and airborne imagery providers, covering all of your imagery needs.
Geocento is an alumnus of the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre and is now co-located with the Satellite Applications Catapult in the Harwell Space Cluster. Geocento UK have also recently established a subsidiary company located in Madrid.


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