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Specific areas of our expertise are:

Thermal analysis: Thermal analysis is one of the most important aspects of space technology and satellite sub systems. We have on our team experts in the field of thermal engineering and analysis who will help you in attaining the best possible solution for your problem.

Spacecraft and satellite subsystems 3D modeling: 3D modeling is a cost effective way of testing any static or dynamic system before a prototype is developed. Alphid Ltd provides you with accurate 3D models and their analysis.

ESATAN-TMS Thermal Modeling Suite: ESATAN-TMS is state of the art radiative and orbital environment heat transfer calculating software. This software is available for all the space and satellite producing agencies and is being used extensively.

We not only provide in house services but are also available for outsourcing. The List of the array of services we offer on an outsourced basis is:

Providing thermal engineering technical services: As explained before, thermal analysis is our strong suite and we can guarantee accurate results and analysis at our end.

Optimizing the installation of the tool in the company: Any system that you purchase or develop can be analyzed by our experts, before it is installed.

Optimization of the model: If you have already developed a model that needs or has been implemented, we can help you optimize it. This means that you will not only increase the efficiency of your system but also cut excessive costs along the way.

Validating models: We also provide QA and QC programs for your models. We not only vet the models but also suggest improvements to make the model more efficient and less problematic.

Alphid Ltd is available round the clock to help you achieve your goals.

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