ESR Technology was formerly the engineering, safety and risk business of AEA Technology, which was formed from the commercial arm of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. It specializes in the provision of technical expertise, products, and services to help customers ensure asset integrity, improve machine reliability, manage safety and risk, and transfer best practice. It has customers across many sectors, including oil and gas, rail, utilities, aviation, and space and defense. It operates four centers of excellence: the National Centre of Tribology, European Space Tribology Laboratory, Pump Centre, and the National Non-Destructive Test Centre.

The European Space Tribology Laboratory (ESTL) was created in 1972 to provide a Centre of Excellence in all aspects of friction, lubrication and wear of mechanical systems in the hostile environment of space.

Since then, ESTL has made major contributions to the field of space and vacuum tribology, including performing real-time and accelerated life tests, developing solid lubricant film technologies and the characterisation of fluid lubricants for space Over the last four and a half decades, ESTL has supported all of Europe’s major space missions, evolving from an R&D focussed organisation into a independent commercial entity.

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