The mission of Elecnor Deimos is to provide high-technology engineering solutions, as well as information systems, products and services of maximum quality, innovation and added-value to its customers.

The company was founded in 2001 aiming to develop and provide high-tech systems and engineering solutions. Elecnor Deimos is the technology branch of Elecnor, one of the Spanish leading companies in engineering, infrastructure development and construction projects and a prominent investor in renewable energy, energy and environmental infrastructure and space.

All this provides Elecnor Deimos with the capacity for continued growth as well as a solid financial foundation. The knowledge and experience accumulated throughout the years allows the current aerospace market needs to be tackled with the company’s new business approach.

Excellence, commitment and innovation are the key principles inspiring Elecnor Deimos. The company is committed towards fulfilling customer needs and expectations.

Jobs at Elecnor Deimos

No jobs currently available.