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Spottitt provides self service satellite analytics for the energy, environment and infrastructure sectors, and is a spin-off from a demonstration project co-funded by the European Space Agency which finished early 2018, see the project page here:

The Spottitt team have developed a range of automated analyses based on optical satellite imagery, ranging from land cover to building recognition, which are tailored to the renewable energy sector and the needs of a number of paying clients. The Spottitt team are looking to extend the range of services offered both on a bespoke and automated basis, particular focus areas include Utilities and Insurance.

Spottitt's automated services are delivered via our cloud based geoportal through which customers can, for the first time, search, purchase and run complex image analyses anywhere in the world using multiple sources of commercial and open source satellite imagery. Analyses are processed on demand and are conducted fully automatically in the space of a few hours.

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