When people begin to live and work in outer space and on other planets, how will they continue to communicate with the Earth? Would it be possible to create a deep space internet, with which we could communicate between two planets as easily as we can now video chat from different countries on Earth?

Infostellar exists to explore that future. Our vision is to extend the internet that we know on Earth into outer space by creating the largest space communications infrastructure in history.

The first step to building infrastructure for deep space internet is solidifying the foundation of cislunar communications—creating a real-time transmission environment between ground stations and satellites. This means not just connecting satellites to the ground, but also connecting everything in orbit to the internet.

We strive to reach the point where which satellites can be operated with the same ease as ground-based IoT devices, as well as full utilization of all the opportunities that provides.

In order to realize our long-term vision, we developed on our flagship product, StellarStation. Using StellarStation, we want to reshape the satellite operation scene in three major ways:

  1. Shifting the paradigm to antenna sharing, opening up large numbers of antennas for use and dramatically increasing access
  2. Solidifying satellite communications into a standardized system so that this increased access can be seamlessly utilized
  3. Creating a real-time transmission environment for satellites, thus lowering the barrier to entry on satellite operations

By building this new ecosystem for ground station networks, we hope to open the door for previously unachievable space development.

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