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Our vision is to meet the growing demand for small satellite launches by combining proven technology derived from historic launch programmes such as Skylark and Black Arrow, with modern-day innovation in order to create cost-effective, responsive access to space. 

Our plan to use Hydrogen Peroxide as our oxidiser is ideally suited to the UK, due to it's long term launch site storability without the need for cryogenics. This makes it particularly suitable for responsive launch, no matter what the Scottish weather brings!

The small satellite market is extremely strong, with a huge backlog waiting to be sent to space in order to carry out a number of vital tasks, such as gathering information to allow us to mitigate natural disasters, deter the global exploitation of resources and fight against global warming. 

With the UK government aiming to capture 10% of the global space market, we believe now is the perfect time for a cost-effective launch provider to turn UK launch plans into reality. We know the UK's strengths and have spotted opportunities in the supply chain to bolster the sector at large. We simply can't wait to see our vehicles take off!

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