Listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) and the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange (“AIM”) in the United Kingdom, Global Invacom Group Limited (“Global Invacom” or the “Group”) is a world leading fully integrated satellite communications (“Sat Comms”) equipment provider.

With a legacy that dates back to 1985, Global Invacom’s inception on the Singapore Exchange was the result of a reverse takeover in 2012 of United Kingdom-based satellite equipment company Global Invacom Holdings Limited by SGX-ST listed Radiance Group Limited. In 2014, Global Invacom shares were admitted to trading on AIM, raising the Group’s international profile and better positioning the Group to continue its selective acquisition strategy as it seeks to consolidate the satellite communications industry.

Following industry-wide consolidation and the Digital Channel Stacking Switch paradigm shift in 2018, Global Invacom is one of seven companies worldwide involved in the innovation, design, production and supply of satellite communications solutions to some of the world’s largest satellite broadcasters and Data Over Satellite (“DOS”) providers.

The Group is the world’s only full-service outdoor unit supplier of satellite antenna products and services for Kuband and Ka-band frequency platforms. It is also one of the world’s only designer and manufactuer of both electronics and antenna solutions for the satellite ground equipment market.

With six manufacturing plants across China, Israel, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States, Global Invacom provides a full range of dish antennas, low noise block receivers, transmitters, switches, fibre solutions, video distribution components and electronics manufacturing services in the satellite communications, TV and computer peripherals, medical and consumer electronics industries.

In July 2018, Foxcom, a subsidiary of Global Invacom, launched a breakthrough solution that enables aircraft ground engineers to undertake around the clock avionics testing of Inmarsat, Iridium and GPS satellite signals indoors. Before this technology, Inmarsat and Iridium satellite equipment were limited to outdoor usage as building structures block satellite signals. Foxcom’s all-inclusive repeater solution enables communication inside buildings or underground without the need for a direct line of sight to the sky, and can be easily upgraded to add Inmarsat compatibility.

The Group successfully acquired certain assets and the associated development team from a number of companies across the Skyware Technologies Group. While Global Invacom already has a leading position in DOS antennas, this acquisition will allow the Group to offer its customers the total DOS terminal solution, extending its unique offerings from the Direct-to-Home market to the fast-growing DOS market.

As a notable innovator of satellite communications equipment, Global Invacom currently owns 82 patents, with 38 pending applications and an established 34-year track record of pioneering the latest equipment. With a global sales and distribution reach, integrated manufacturing footprint and robust research and development capabilities, Global Invacom continues to cement its position as a leader of the satellite communications industry.

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