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Leveraging a history of providing bathymetric and seafloor mapping data for marine applications, TCarta now offers onshore and offshore geospatial solutions to meet the needs of all end user groups. 

Our dedicated team of GIS professionals, hydrographers, imagery analysts, and developers and our ecosystem of partner companies provide full-scope solutions to real world topics in a variety of applications from engineering and exploration to navigation and environmental monitoring and beyond. 

TCarta's primary focus is on providing affordability and accessibility of data and analytics utilizing cutting edge technology and approaches to best serve our clients where traditional methods fail with proven integrity of services and professional practices in a changing and dynamic world. 

To create innovative Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and mapping products and services that are accessible, affordable and have proven integrity. 

Mission Statement 
Accessibility: Ensuring data is available where previous access has been difficult or restricted. 

Affordability: Ensuring data can be purchased at a competitive price. 

Integrity: Ensuring data quality is proven and that company practices are fair and honest. 

Our primary focus is on distribution and implementation of products and services from our databases, which we will constantly strive to expand and improve. 

Through continuous innovation and use of new technology (for example, in remote sensing and cloud computing), we will constantly develop new products and services. 

Our team will always remain customer focused. By working extremely closely with our data users, we will ensure that their needs are fulfilled at a competitive price point.

Jobs at TCarta

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