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Our experts bring experience across a broad range of engineering disciplines within the aviation and space industries. Once we understand your needs, we will identify the fastest way to the best solution and put a bespoke package in place with a team capable to delivering. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our ability to move from concept to reality quickly.

Services for clients have included:

Mission simulation and operational analysis. Long endurance systems are heavily influenced by meteorology and practical operational considerations. We have provided full analysis of launch, transit, on-task, and recovery phases to aid customer decision making, inform requirements and facilitate design trade studies. Payloads and ground systems (including receivers or imaging targets) should be modelled, as well as the platform performance and mission planning strategy. These can then be simulated in depth using decades of real data.  This diligence is often required by agencies, corporates and investors considering projects.

Advanced aerospace R&D. Archangel was founded to assist QinetiQ at the time with critical elements of the UK/USA Zephyr programme. Archangel personnel have been active in this area since 2002. Since then we have continued to work on UK and US government funded R&D programmes as well as several private venture UAV developments.  Archangel remains deeply involved in High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS) development to this day.

Technology transfer and mentorship. We firmly believe that emerging technologies will alleviate many of the problems that afflict the world. Within our own areas of expertise (space and unmanned aviation) we continue to provide training. Archangel has developed and delivered bespoke training packages and ongoing technical mentorship in Europe, USA and the Middle East. This has been in a development and operational context for government and commercial students.  We have provided guided technology development for students to grow capability and skills and mentorship for startup companies. Our staff include mentors at Singularity University in California.

Unmanned air operations. Archangel has extensive experience in providing turn-key flight operations management service. Our particular experience is in unmanned operations. Unmanned aviation retains a perception of 'new and high risk'. By working with regulators using previous case studies and appropriate risk mitigation methods,  our work has facilitated World Record flights and low level tests alike with enhanced safety. Services have involved direct liaison with airspace authorities, preparing safety cases and agreeing operating instructions.

HAPS payload development. High Altitude Pseudo-Satellites (HAPS), formerly classed as High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) UAVs, are aircraft with the ability to stay airborne in the stratosphere for months continuously. Such machines offer the potential for new services in earth observation and global communications in particular. We believe the optimum solutions to some of the biggest problems in the World involve hybrid space/atmospheric constellations that will become common. We can help accelerate payload development and deployment through design, build test and integrations.

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