Responsive Access

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Responsive Access are a launch aggregator focused on lowering barriers to space for satellite operators; they provide a “one-stop-shop” solution for launch by providing options for insurance, integration, and testing options.
The company is utilising software to lower labour costs for managing these missions, including developing automated testing processes for satellites. All of this is delivered directly to clients through a simple online portal.
The company is additionally supported by a range of international launch partners.

Currently, the company is focusing on aggregation of CubeSat missions to become secondary payloads, providing rideshare opportunities to launch vehicle operators. The company ensures quality by overseeing testing and
integration ensuring all requirements of the Launch Vehicle Operators are met.

Responsive Access is supported by the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation programme, and has also received funding and support from the UK Space Agency, Heathrow Airport and the Department for International Trade. The company has an experienced team with a depth of experience in successful satellite launches.

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