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Terma was established in 1949 and is headquartered at Lystrup, Denmark, with Danish facilities at Grenaa and in Copenhagen. International subsidiaries and facilities are based in the U.S. (Washington, D.C.; Warner Robins and Atlanta, GA; and Fort Worth, TX), the Netherlands (Leiden), Germany (Darmstadt and Berlin), UK (Harwell Oxford), Belgium (Brussels), UAE, India, and Singapore.

Terma covers four Business Areas: Aeronautics; Space; Surveillance
& Mission Systems, and Support & Services.:

  • Aeronautics provides aircraft self-protection, 3D-Audio, and Active Noise eduction solutions for all types of military aircraft as well as high-technology aerostructures and electronics manufacturing services to large systems integrators and aircraft manufacturers worldwide.
  • Space develops and supplies electronics, software, and services for satellites, space control centers, and for test and validation tasks related to development of new satellites and spacecraft.
  • Surveillance & Mission Systems provides radar systems for coastal surveillance and traffic control in sea ports and airports, radars for naval vessels as well as radars for wind turbine interference mitigation and Obstruction Light Control. The activities also cover command, control, and communications solutions for naval vessels and air defense systems, self-protection systems for naval vessels as well as systems for security surveillance of critical infrastructures.
  • Terma Support & Services provides maintenance, support, and update of Terma and third-party products and solutions.

Terma works closely with national defense forces, public authorities, and international organizations around the world. Through these relationships, Terma has gained in-depth knowledge of and insight into our customers' working environments and an equally deep understanding of their challenges and needs.

Terma is owned by the Thomas B. Thrige Foundation, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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