Isotropic Systems

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We are innovators, we do what we do because we believe in a connected world. Our mission is to provide innovation that extends the global reach of connectivity for our customers.

We are looking for world class talent to join our high-performing team working on cutting edge technology in the satellite communications industry. We are creating ground-breaking technology out of our new offices in Reading, UK. We stand by our company values; PASSION, RESPECT, BOLDNESS, INTEGRITY & CREATIVITY – giving you the opportunity to build your career in an environment where we encourage crisp decision-making, challenging the status-quo, championing your beliefs and ideas, sharing successes (and learning from failures) and working collaboratively with your fellow team members.

We are pioneering the introduction of innovative and disruptive low-profile multiple-beam satellite communications terminals for mobile and fixed applications. These highly integrated terminal systems combine elements of new advances in microwave lens optics, phased array antenna technology, and dynamic beam pointing control systems using analog and/or digital signal processing. Our terminal designs operate as fully electronic beam steering systems. Our IP has applications across a wide range of market sectors including: aeronautical, land mobile, maritime, and 5G, providing broadband, multi-beam, two-way communications with dynamic tracking of geostationary and non-geostationary satellites or terrestrial nodes.

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