Asteria: Space and Satellites

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Asteria is an entirely student-led team that ties both STEM and non-STEM students for satellite engineering and development. Our team consists of 25+ individually selected members from all undergraduate years and postgraduate cohorts across a broad range of discipline - from Meteorology to Astrophysics. 

Through our work, we strive to bring educational and impacting satellite development to Edinburgh in the midset of an ever-expanding global space industry. Our primary goal is to design the UK's first entirely student-built nanosatellite. The Oracle-1 3U CubeSat aims to contribute to the global effort of monitoring environmental factors influencing the geographical distribution of vectors associated with increases in mosquito-borne disease transmission by monitoring the formation of stagnant water bodies through remote sensing. The payload consists of a nano-photonic coated optical instrument covering the visible-near infrared spectrum (400- 1000 nm) which can acquire high-quality earth imagery on a frequent basis, at 60 m spatial resolution in one spectral band at a 0.1 nm spectral resolution. In addition, the planned sun-synchronous orbit for Oracle-1 with a frequent revisit time would allow this mission to collect highly detailed and unique data on the development of stagnant water bodies in the east African-region, which could potentially make the mission of uttermost importance for national disease control programs in Africa, with a focus on the management of larval and mosquito control measurements. 

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