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SmartIR Ltd is a company recently spun out from the University of Manchester, founded to develop a commercial pathway for a patented graphene technology for multispectral adaptive emissivity and absorption of light including infrared (IR) and visible radiation. SmartIR is developing pioneering smart coatings based on electro-optical devices enabling real-time dynamic control of infrared light for satellites thermal management and camouflage applications. 

SmartIR is currently developing portable demonstrator units capable of masking or reflecting thermal radiation as well as other types of radiation between visible and microwave.  The founding team includes Prof C. Kocabas, Dr. M Sepioni and P. Kahn. Prof Kocabas is a faculty member at the School of Materials and National Graphene Institute (NGI) leading a research team developing cutting-edge graphene optoelectronic devices. As the Scientific Director of SmartIR, Prof Kocabas is currently leading the technical development of the company. Dr. Margherita Sepioni, is Co-founder of SmartIR with 10 years work experience in the commercialization of graphene- based applications. Paul Kahn, is the former U.K. CEO of Airbus Group with a senior background in the space and defense sectors is also supporting SmartR to raise investment and to expand the market opportunity.  SmartIR has been recently granted  a Connecting Capability Fund by the University of Manchester , an ESA BIC award and a IUK Smart competition  match-funded grant enabling product development for space applications. SmartIR is expanding rapidly and now looking to grow its technical team immediately.

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