AmbaSat Ltd


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AmbaSat Ltd design and manufacture Low Earth Orbit (LEO) space satellite kits which contain all the components needed to build a miniature space satellite. Kits can also include an affordable rocket launch programme.

The 'AmbaSat-1 Satellite' product is designed to promote science, technology, mathematics, engineering and environmental studies amongst school pupils, university students and other aspiring scientists. The product is available in two forms:

a) AmbaSat-1 DIY Space Satellite Kit: A DIY satellite development kit, the components of the kit are produced by AmbaSat in-house and they are assembled and coded by the user.  

b) Assembled Space Satellite: This is a full, pre-assembled version of the satellite which requires some basic coding knowledge by the end user.  

A rocket launch programme is available for those wishing to launch their satellite into LEO.

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