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Our Vision

To lower barriers to entry in terms of cost, skill, and time required to explore space, making the Moon and beyond as accessible and economical as low-Earth orbit.


With the rise of reusable rockets, small satellites and consumer electronics, space is becoming more accessible, ripe for opportunities in investment and innovation. In particular, we are now looking beyond earth orbit with an enhanced set of engineering challenges for new commercial, scientific, social and political opportunities.


Yet there is currently no practical way of supporting high-value space exploration. For example, major governmental and commercial players have active missions to the Moon, with billions of dollars already committed to delivering unmanned and manned exploration missions over the next decade.


Exobotics is developing the next generation of small-satellite sub-systems, platforms and services with next level performance focused on practicality and reliability. Using these elements we are developing the world’s first modular roving and satellite platforms, offering low-cost, high-performance solutions.