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Global infrastructure, trade, communities and human lives are affected daily by our constantly changing environment, yet industry, governments and people are completely starved of real-time satellite data that can provide valuable information about our ever-changing planet. Despite the exponential growth of “big data”, with ever more analytics and applications designed to improve life on the micro-scale, when it comes to the macro – the bigger picture of life on Earth and in space - the reality is data scarcity. 

We need data that helps society now and empowers us for the future, informing and enlightening humanity. Sen will solve this problem by streaming real-time video from space, making unique information about events universally accessible to help people, industry and governments improve life for billions of people now and in the future.

Real-time video has key attributes for providing additional intelligence to existing satellite data - time, movement and storytelling power. These qualities on their own make real-time video useful. Sen’s service will also take the additional step of Artificial Intelligence, providing interactive insights derived from the video and distributed to customers on any device. The capability of providing this data in real-time will provide valuable information for our constantly changing world that do not currently exist.

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