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The space economy is forecast to grow strongly in the coming decades with the emergence of space-based applications and 'off-world' activities, such as lunar exploration. Space television will be a unique video data set for the multi-billion dollar space market as it expands activities both in Earth's orbit and on the Moon and Mars. Furthermore, like government activities on Earth, an independent media is an important part of the infrastructure of a democractic society—and particularly important when we become an interplanetary species as a result of the activities of nation states, international organisations and commercial enterprise in the colonization of Mars. Our business model is to sell our unique imaging data to space agencies, government organisations and commercial space operators, as well as schools and consumers. Our videos will be distributed online, enabling us to deliver data sets to meet the requirements of different customers. We have started building prototypes of our hardware and flight software and plan to launch of our first satellite in late 2017. Thereafter we will continue to build and launch a network of TV camera satellites, beginning in Earth's orbit and then expanding to the Moon and Mars during our first decade. 

In building a space television network we will make unique films that will give humanity a new perspective of space and inspire future generations to explore space. Seeing space objects and missions with real video will help transform humanity's understanding of the nature of space and communicate why space exploration is so important. Its one of the reasons that we will also produce space videos for schools and consumers. Sen’s reconnaissance data will have an important role when colonies of humans are eventually set up on Mars—we will be there providing video of supply ships arriving, habitats being established and eventually of the first Martians. Our technology will also be used to create a Solar System wide internet that will provide communications for a multi-planetary species. During the first decade our cameras will explore activities in the Earth-Mars region. We will then add camera fleets in the outer Solar System to provide ever more coverage. The long term vision of Sen is to film not only the Solar System but to explore beyond and continue to film space in the centuries to come.

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