Handling and Manipulation of Small Extraterrestrial Samples

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in Houston, USA

Many current and future extraterrestrial sample collections do and will consist of small particles — less than 100 micrometers across — and these can be challenging to work with. Such samples include Earth-collected cosmic dust, returned comet and interstellar samples from Stardust; and returned asteroid samples from the Hayabusa and OSIRIS-REx missions. In this training, the attendees will receive hands-on training in manipulation and micromanipulation of comparable small samples, learning from the experts at the Astromaterials Acquisition and Curation and Astromaterials Research Offices of the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) Division, Johnson Space Center (JSC).

ARES/JSC and the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) will share this expertise with the planetary science community via these training sessions to stimulate innovative investigations of the invaluable collections of extraterrestrial materials curated by ARES/JSC.

Collections curated at ARES include:

  • Apollo and some Luna samples of the Moon
  • Hayabusa asteroid particles
  • Cosmic dust collected in the stratosphere
  • Comet and interstellar samples returned by the Stardust mission
  • Samples of solar wind returned by the Genesis mission
  • Space-exposed hardware with micrometeorite impacts
  • Meteorites collected in Antarctica by the ANSMET expeditions

Application deadline is on the 8th of August!