Space Life and Biomedical Sciences Symposium

organised by

Science & Technology Facilities Council

in Harwell, UK

This symposium will bring the communities of the Space and Health & Life Sciences sectors together to discuss the current and future landscape


With the UK set to build its space launch capacity, as well as its involvement in national and international space programmes, opportunities to increase cross-sector engagement to maximise terrestrial benefit are key.    

The UK is internationally renowned as a leader in life sciences and chemistry R&D, health care delivery and in particular, has a heritage of world leading aviation medicine experience. Specialist research associations like the UK Space Life and Biomedical Sciences Association (UK Space LABS) and others have been working with these communities to increase awareness and understanding of our fields of endeavour, to facilitate improved collaboration between the space and health sectors as they have developed.

This symposium is timed to bring the innovation communities and institutions of these sectors together to discuss interfaces between disciplines and sectors, share current opportunities and updates and help to inform the future strategy for cross-sector collaboration.

Key Questions:

Where are the opportunites for the UK to be leading in this interface?

What are the advantages to the Life Sciences R&D community in utilising Low Earth Orbit (LEO)?

What are some of  the requirements needed to enable humanity to create sustainable Life science research and health service delivery away from Low Earth Orbit?

This symposium will facilitate discussion around these key questions, current programmes and initiatives that are addressing elements of these questions, and what capabilities are needed to progress. The event is open to Industry, Government, Clinical and Academic thought leaders in these sectors and those operating at the interface of the field in question.This symposium will discuss these key questions, current programmes and initiatives that are addressing parts of these questions and what capabilities are needed to progress.

This event is open to Industry, Government, Clinical and Academic thought leaders in these sectors and operating in the interface.


09:15-10:15:Pre Symposium - UK Space LABS Annual General Meeting*
10:30-11:00:Arrival and registration
11:00-11:15:Welcome and Introductions
11:15-11:45:Update on the Space Industry – Recent Developments 
11:45-12:15:Hosted Conversation: Translation of biomedical research, innovation and practice between the terrestrial and space domains
12:15-13:15:Commercialisation of Low Earth Orbit - what is the opportunity for the Health and Life Sciences Sector and what mechanisms can/could support this?
13:15-13:30:Briefing: Proposed Launch of a Space Life Sciences White Paper
14:15-15:30:Open call for 3-minute pitches (Registration is through Eventbrite – successful pitch ideas will be informed by February 14th – applications will be considered up to 4th February)
15:30-16:00:Networking Break
16:00-16:30:Closing address and remarks

*The UK Space LABS AGM is primarily for its members to discuss the association’s current performance and future direction. External members are welcome to attend, but please note this is before the main symposium starts. Further information on the association can be found here

Please note: The session will be recorded as a webinar for the Astropreneurs programme. Therefore, filming and photography will be taking place. If you have any questions or would prefer not to be included in any filming or photography, please contact Phil Carvil

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