Credit: ESA

Technology Transfer, Application & Innovation Workshop 2020

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in Transinne, Belgium

Developed in close collaboration with the ESA Space Solutions Initiative, it will be held from 24-27 March 2020 at ESA Academy’s Training & Learning Facility in ESEC-Galaxia, Transinne, Belgium.

Technologies and satellite systems developed by the space industry help our everyday lives on Earth. Satellite systems are part of the way we communicate, navigate and benefit from location-based services. Space technologies are being used to improve health care, water recovery, waste management and more, and also in highly specialised fields such as sports and risk management. Technology transfer and the application of our space assets need people with creative flair and vision, skills that this workshop aims to develop. 

Delivered by ESA specialists and external experts from start-ups and industry, participants will be exposed to the near-infinite possibilities of technology transfer and application in their essential role of innovation. There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs wanting the challenge of developing new products! 

During the workshop, participating students will learn through various lectures about different disciplines within the field of Technology Transfer, Application & Innovation, including patenting, entrepreneurship, and business incubation. This is not a strictly academic course though, as focus will be given to hands-on experiences. Group assignments will see students taking a real ESA patent and brainstorming potential application ideas, and developing a business model around it. At the end of the week, students will follow in the footsteps of real entrepreneurs by pitching their ideas.