The Leiden/ESA Astrophysics Program for Summer Students (LEAPS) 2021

organised by

European Space Agency (ESA)

in Online, UK

LEAPS is an opportunity for students with an interest in astronomy and astrophysics to perform a 10 week summer research project in collaboration with a research scientist from Leiden Observatory or ESA. The program is open to all students not currently engaged in a Ph.D. program, although most past participants have been senior-undergraduate or masters' students who are enthusiastic about research in astrophysics.

Students will be selected for the program based on their academic achievements and research potential, and will be matched to staff projects based on what they indicate their scientific interests to be. Research at Leiden Observatory and ESA takes place on a diverse array of topics, and student projects will likely consist of anything from the analysis of data from world-class telescopes, to large computer simulations, to hands-on work in the astrochemistry laboratories.

For the 2021 program, up to two LEAPS studentships will be awarded to students from developing countries and funded by the J. Mayo Greenberg Scholarship Prize. In memory of the distringuished pioneering Leiden astrophysicst, Professor J. Mayo Greenberg. Students from developing countries will automatically be considered for the J. Mayo Greenberg Scholarship Prize.