Entrepreneurship Opportunities and Jobs in the Space Industry

organised by

Oxford Saïd

in Remote, UK

There are currently over 1,000 companies worldwide working to create the rapidly growing NewSpace economy. What was once dominated by only a few players is now a diverse ecosystem of businesses both large and small and emerging opportunities across multiple sectors. Space is now personified by rock-star technology entrepreneurs and New Space companies. These entrepreneurs and companies are driving the commoditization and monetization of space. Satellites that capture geospatial data can have so many different applications across different industries. Costs have dropped by about 60% to 80% what creates many opportunities.

What are the most relevant innovation opportunities?

How can entrepreneurs further explore these opportunities and identify new business models to create a positive impact?

What skillset is needed for entrepreneurs to succeed in this industry?


Maria Zubeldia, Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre, Saïd Business School


Harriet Brettle, Head of Business Analysis, Astrocale

Joanna Hart, Development Manager, Harwell Space Cluster

Rafael Jorda, Founder and CEO, Open Cosmos

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