Space Launch & Operations Management Workshop

organised by

City University of London

in Virtual, UK

The Space Launch & Operations is a 2-day CPD course designed to provide attendees with knowledge about spaceports, spaceflight operators (the vehicles), the range (with associated flight safety analysis) and applicable UK Regulations and the licensing process. This CPD course aims to be the first step in addressing the skills gap in the UK space launch industry.


  • To provide an insight into the specific activities associated with spaceports, spaceflight operators and the range that are required to meet the Regulations.
  • The main areas covered include Space Industry Act (Regulations and Guidance Material), ground safety analysis, flight safety analysis, safety case, major accident hazards, justifying risks are As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) – which are the main focus for the launch licensing process.

Who is the CPD course for and what are the benefits?

This CPD course is specifically for anyone involved in, or hoping to become involved in, the emerging commercial space launch industry. Although it is focused on the emerging UK Launch operators and Regulations, it is also relevant for others around the globe interested in spaceports and spaceflight operators.

This CPD course will provide detailed information on some activities required to attain a spaceport or spaceflight operator launch license. The CPD course will have first-hand presentations by spaceports, spaceflight operators and the Regulator. The CPD course presents an opportunity to provide you or your team with a broader understanding about spaceports or spaceflight operators and includes information about the range, orbital spacecraft and re-entry requirements; hence you may have a person working solely in one role (Security Lead in the CAA/UKSA for example, or Chief Engineer for a spaceflight operator) and so this CPD course would provide a deeper understanding of the interactions between spaceport and spaceflight operator and regulatory requirements.

The CPD course is intended for the following:

  • Spaceport personnel
  • Spaceflight Operator personnel
  • Range Control personnel
  • UK Space Agency personnel
  • UK Civil Aviation Authority personnel
  • UK Health & Safety Executive personnel (including HSL)
  • Local Councils/Enterprises (working with the spaceports)
  • Satellite Manufacturers/Suppliers/Brokers
  • Support Service organisations (consultancy)
  • Logistical Support Service organisations
  • Academia
  • Anyone in related industries (aviation, oil & gas, etc) looking for opportunities in the space community
  • Other people with an interest in space launch and operations