SUN Space Industry Webinar: Lewis Campbell

organised by

Space Universities Network (SUN)

in Remote, UK

The Space Universities Network aims to enhance the quality of learning and teaching by providing support and resources to the higher education space science and engineering community. We wish to help create a skilled workforce of graduates who can meet the challenges of future space exploration and exploitation. This is one of a series of Space industry webinars aimed at University staff and students.

This Webinar is comprised of a 30-minute talk by Lewis Campbell, an interview with him and a live Q&A from the audience.

Lewis Campbell is Skyrora's Operations team lead, responsible for developing Skyrora's test and launch sites and conducting in-field operations to enable launches and key milestone tests. Lewis has been involved in aerospace across a spectrum of roles in both military and commercial. An alumnus of Glasgow University and keen aviator, Lewis is passionate about inspiring the future UK space employees and employers of the sector by getting more students into the field of STEM.

Skyrora designs, manufactures and deploys rockets to clear the way for small satellite manufacturers looking to access Space. Headquartered in Edinburgh, and with facilities across Europe, Skyrora is developing launch vehicle technology to ensure that the life-changing benefits of space are realised here on Earth. Skyrora are leading Europe's launch vehicle presence with the recent static test fires of the 3rd stage of the Skyrora XL Vehicle, as well as the static fire and flight readiness of the Skylark-L Launch vehicle.

This talk will discuss the history of UK Launch, the opportunity to sieze in developing UK Launch, the future of the UK Launch Industry and how students, private and public sector at large can get involved.