Introduction to robotics (age 14 - 18)

London, UK

During this week long course, students will learn a wide variety of topics related to robotics and artificial intelligence, working in teams to design, build and program their own robots. Rustam Stolkin will cover both mechanical and computational aspects of robotics, as well as exploring a variety of application areas and introducing the latest research areas, drawing on his own projects with industry and academia. 

During the five days of activities, students will work in teams to invent, design, build, program and demonstrate their own remote–controlled underwater retrieval robot. The hands–on work is interspersed with a series of mini lectures and led group discussions. These present broader areas of robotics, artificial intelligence and comparisons to human/animal intelligence, as well as exploring the mathematics, physics, engineering and computing which the students will need to develop their projects.

Please note: This workshop is strictly for 14–18 year-olds and will include a 45 minute unsupervised lunch break each day. Students should bring lunch and a drink, pens, pencils, a USB memory stick and a calculator. Refunds can only be issued for tickets cancelled at least two weeks (14 calendar days) in advance of the start date. Please note that this supersedes our normal event terms and conditions.

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