Phi Week Bootcamp

Rome, Italy

The Φ-Week Bootcamp is hosted by the European Space Agency (ESA) in the framework of Φ-Week. It is an intensive 3-day event where you can create solutions towards a sustainable future and build your own startup business.

About Φ-week Bootcamp

From 11 to 13 November 2018, the European Space Agency (ESA) invites you to Frascati (Rome), Italy for the 1st Φ-week Bootcamp. It will bring together a mix of EO researchers, data scientists, non-space corporates, tech leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs and young professionals for an intensive 3-day event where participants will be provided the tools to create their own start-up. The themes for the first event are space, food and energy. Note the event will be held in English.

What do food and energy have to do with space?

Satellites provide us with accurate, timely and easily accessible information to, among other things, improve the management of the environment, to understand and mitigate the effects of climate change.

These earth observation (EO) data can help to increase agricultural productivity and sustainability by means of precision farming techniques, and can monitor productivity and efficiency all along the agricultural value chain.

Like food, energy is also key for our society. To ensure more sustainable energy generation we need an energy transition, which relies on low-carbon energy generation. Among the technologies with low emissions are renewables but by increasing our share of these renewables we increase the exposure to climate variability due to climate change.

This is why earth observation satellites are so important to help us find sustainable solutions in food and energy.

What will I do?

Participants will explore how EO Open Science and innovation can benefit from the latest digital technologies and how they can help shape FutureEO missions and services. They will use creative methods such as design thinking to develop their initial start-up ideas and throughout the 3-day event a variety of resources will be made available to enable these ideas to be made into workable solutions. The teams will work with expert mentors who will support them in developing viable business models.

And what next?

An expert jury will decide at the end of the event which start-up ideas, products and business models are the most promising. The best suggestions will receive additional professional support to further develop their idea into a sustainable start-up.


All selected participants will stay at Villa Tuscolana Park Hotel under preferential rates. You will be provided a booking form upon confirmation of your participation.

About Φ-week

Φ-week aims to act as a kind of lighthouse for emerging innovation and the rapidly changing landscape of the EO science and technology arena. It will highlight some elements on how ESA will develop FutureEO Capabilities and how the Φ-lab plans to operate as a springboard for innovation by creating an environment where new ideas can be sand-boxed to seed new partnerships. It will also enable to explore new ways to advance EO Open Science practices and tools promoting interaction, collaborative research, sharing of resources, novel education mechanisms and innovative science communication approaches.

The week-long event is designed to enable networking and generate new opportunities, but will also seed ideas for new ventures and applications by demonstrating how emerging technology can be harnessed to bring data applications to life in new ways.

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