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Uploaded 4 Mar 2019

Job Description

FDL brings brilliant minds to big questions - such as ‘are we alone?’ - and gives researchers a chance to develop solutions with the potential to advance science, inform debate, and save lives. From asteroid characterisation to early-warning systems for natural disasters, there is huge potential to make a difference with FDL.

FDL has developed strong relationships with world-class AI researchers and leaders in tech. Their support helps us overcome hurdles using solutions that would usually be beyond the easy reach of researchers, such as state-of-the-art hardware to facilitate rapid iteration, as well as a wealth of experience and expertise on building robust AI workflows.

The FDL research sprint is an 8 week research challenge in which you will work in interdisciplinary teams to tackle some big questions. If you are a data scientist, we’ll help you understand the basics of the space science and exploration field, and vice versa. The next step is working in teams of four to get hands-on researching your challenge area and formulating solutions for your challenge question. The second half of the sprint is used for prototyping, testing and perfecting your solution, and getting ready to present it. At the end of the research sprint, teams will present their work to leading scientists, researchers and industry experts from NASA, ESA and Silicon Valley.

Best practice in artificial intelligence is still emerging, and FDL is at the forefront of developing effective workflows for AI development in the space sector. Our team-focussed approach enables an expertise chain that can tackle problem definition, data source aggregation, workflow composition, algorithm development, creation of inference models and deployment in an efficient manner. We are conscious that teaching machines to learn is different from traditional software development and requires a new approach. 

Person Specification

FDL is primarily aimed at candidates currently undertaking a PhD or postdoctoral research.

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