Scoping automation potential for EO data pipeline

Space Placements in INdustry scheme (SPIN)

Internship 8 weeks Glasgow, UK

Uploaded 14 Mar 2019

Job Description

Development and automation options for an EO imagery acquisition, processing and visualisation pipeline. Currently, standard procedure for acquiring case data involves manual search through visualised EO data using online visualisation tools such as EO Browser. Automated search, download and analysis procedures would allow a much faster turnaround and increased case capacity. Scoping the options for automation is needed before full time investment is made. This is a junior software engineer-type role which will involve working with data from the Sentinel and Landsat satellites along with software tools written in Python for the processing of Sentinel data. The intern will scope the usefulness and value of these existing software tools and research alternative automation options. 

Using existing processing software tools the intern will build prototype automation procedures facilitating search of online data repositories, download of data, and visualisation. There is also potential for creating a user interface for quickly requesting data of a coordinate and allowing for specification of multi-waveband analysis. 

During the internship the successful applicant will gain experience working in the fast developing UK space industry, applying software development skills to imaging-data applications, and the use of that data to solve real world problems. Working with Omanos will also give an insight into working with NGOs, humanitarian groups and community representatives to provide scientific analysis communicated in an accessible way that is tailored to their needs and the requirements of their response or intervention.

Person Specification

Student (preferably postgraduate) of engineering, maths, physics, computer science or equivalent 

Minimum Requirements:

  • Good experience coding in Python and automation of data handling procedures 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Enthusiasm for expanding the use and understanding of EO data and its use in aid of environmental and humanitarian work


Preferred Additional Requirements: 

  • Familiarity with Earth observation and remote-sensing data analysis 
  • Experience with data analysis in Python, in particular imaging data. 
  • Experience or familiarity with geotiff images or multispectral imaging data.

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