Spectrum Management Intern


Internship 3 months London, UK

Uploaded 28 Mar 2019

Job Description

At OneWeb, we’re on a mission to provide affordable, high-speed Internet access for the world’s unconnected and to achieve the #1 target of the World Society of Information Systems – to create a community access point at every school in the world. We realize this isn’t easy, but we have designed a combination of satellites and ground systems that we know can achieve this, and we believe it is too important not to do. Eliminating extreme poverty, enabling relief for communities during emergencies or disasters, providing health care, clean water and education, starting a business, individual empowerment and civic transparency are all important goals and Internet access is a foundation for solving these global issues. 

OneWeb is a technology and infrastructure provider. Our infrastructure enables Mobile carriers, ISP’s and governments, to provide Internet Access to their local and remote populations. Our team’s talent spans fields from semiconductor design, telecom core network and small cell production and deployment, to hyper local rural regulatory and educational challenges. We are developing leading edge technology to solve some of the world’s largest problems – and having a lot of fun doing it! 

If building the infrastructure to connect 2 million schools is something you would like to make happen, then joining OneWeb may be a great personal and career move. We can provide an intellectually challenging workplace and fast-growing opportunity with a clear purpose. Come join the team that is making affordable communication ubiquitous on a global scale.

The Spectrum Management Intern will assist the Spectrum Management team in a variety of projects. As a team, we are working on a unique challenge in securing the spectrum rights that OneWeb requires and coordinating our operations with other spectrum users (such as GSO satellite operators and terrestrial users). The candidate’s work will span diverse topics including frequency interference, data handling, ITU Regulations and orbit mechanics amongst others. The candidate will acquire a good insight into the spectrum management and international frequency coordination disciplines, both of which are fascinating and key for the technical and commercial success of the OneWeb project.


Depending on the team needs and the candidate skills and interests, the Spectrum Management Intern will take part in one or more of the following:

  • Gain familiarity with the ITU frequency filing and coordination procedures and tools
  • Develop scripts to automate spectrum management tasks required for the protection and development of OneWeb’s spectrum assets
  • Gain familiarity with OneWeb’s constellation, operations and spectrum usage
  • Gain familiarity with frequency interference analysis
  • Contribute to the modelling and simulation of complex frequency interference scenarios in the framework of OneWeb’s coordination efforts with other spectrum users
  • Assist the team in other spectrum management and frequency coordination activities

Person Specification

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Experience in software development in MS Access, Matlab, VBA and/or Java/Python
  • Familiarity with RF and communications
  • High-quality written and oral reporting skills
  • Flight dynamics and mission analysis education is an asset
  • Experience with space mission analysis software, such as STK, is an asset
  • Recently graduated or currently in the final year of his/her BSc/MSc in Electrical Engineering (Telecoms option preferred), Physics, Aerospace, Computer Science or other relevant discipline
  • MSc in relevant discipline (i.e. Space Communications) is an asset

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