Research Fellow in Astrophysics (Extrasolar Planetary Science)

University of St Andrews

Postdoctorate Position 2 years St Andrews, UK

Uploaded 29 Mar 2019

Job Description

The School of Physics & Astronomy is seeking a capable and active Research Fellow to work on the discovery and characterisation of extra-solar planets.

Applications are invited for an active researcher in the area of exoplanetary science.  The fellow will work with Professor Andrew Cameron, initially on developing exoplanet candidate ranking and validation methods for the PLATO mission. From Q4 2019, the fellow will work on analysis of transit data from the Swiss-led ESA CHEOPS mission. The fellow will also participate in radial-velocity observations with HARPS-N on the 3.5-m Telescopio Internazionale Galileo on La Palma, using Guaranteed Time awarded from 2017 to 2022 for radial-velocity follow-up of targets from the NASA TESS mission. St Andrews also has access to local and Key Project time on the Las Cumbres Observatory global telescope network.

The School of Physics & Astronomy offers a vibrant and modern work environment. Astrophysics research in St Andrews combines theoretical, numerical and observational research in star formation, protoplanetary discs, extra-solar planets, stellar magnetic activity, star-planet interaction, gravitational lensing, active galactic nuclei, galaxy dynamics and cosmology. The School hosts members of the recently founded cross-disciplinary Center for Exoplanet Science.

Person Specification

The successful candidate should have a PhD in astronomy, astrophysics, or a closely related field by the appointment start date, with experience in obtaining and analysing high-precision photometric and/or radial-velocity observations of exoplanetary. The position is available for a starting date as soon as possible after 1 September 2019, for a period of two years extendable to three subject to performance and funding.  The position is supported by a UKSA PLATO Science Management grant and an STFC consolidated grant, and includes funds for computing and travel.  Benefits include medical coverage by the UK National Health Service.  

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