Customer Success Internship

Open Cosmos

Internship 6 months Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK

Uploaded 11 Apr 2019

Job Description

This opportunity is for a 6-month internship, ideal for an engineering student looking for early experience of the aerospace sector. We are open to consider a full staff position following this internship. This is an exciting opportunity for you as an engineer to get familiar with both technical and commercial aspects of the space sector in a fast-growing start-up.

You will be joining Open Cosmos’ core team in Harwell-Oxford (UK). You will participate primarily in the Customer Success activities and the support of the Customer Success function.

Tasks and responsibilities  

Apart from providing support to the Customer Success team, the internship focuses on developing a demo payload or small demo satellite subsystem. A list of payload and subsystems suggested by Open Cosmos can be found hereunder:

  • ADCS subsystem: Development of a proof of concept equipment capable of:

- a. Horizontal axis pointing of a CubeSat hanging from a single string. The use of photodetectors located in different satellite external surfaces could be potentially used as an input for the attitude performance.

- b. Edge stabilisation of the CubeSat (Inverted pendulum).

  • Laser Communication Payload: Development of a proof of concept equipment capable of sending basic information that could be suitable for inter-satellite communications. The payload should be able to send and receive information to and from other payload units, so the designed equipment can operate as a transmitter and receiver.
  • SDR, AIS or IoT demo Payload: Development of a proof of concept equipment capable of sending basic information making use of an SDR or supporting AIS or IoT applications.
  • Earth Observation Payload: Development of an Earth observation payload making use of a multispectral or thermal camera as the main data generation sensors.
  • Biological Payload: Development of equipment to monitor biological payloads in microgravity, like bacteria colony or algae growth.
  • Radiation shielding evaluation Payload: Development of equipment to monitor the radiation level inside a CubeSat using different shielding materials and configurations.

Person Specification

Skills, attitude and experience  

  • Broad knowledge of space technologies, micro and nano-satellite subsystems in particular.
  • Knowledge of mechanical engineering with 3D design, materials, structural and thermal analysis.
  • Knowledge in basic electronics, programming and simulation software.
  • Broad knowledge on Systems Engineering for micro and nano-satellites including instrument interfaces with satellite platforms and AIT.
  • Some understanding of end-to-end space missions, phases involved, procedures and associated documentation (ICD, PDR, CDR, FDR, etc.).
  • Some experience with CAD software (CATIA, SolidEdge, Fusion360, etc.) and 3D printing.

Nice to have  

  • BSc/MSc in Engineering, Computer Science, Physics/Maths or similar.
  • Quick learner with curiosity, creativity, teamwork skills and open to new challenges.
  • Programming experience with Python, C/C++, Matlab or similar.
  • Hands-on experience with basic electronics such as Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, BeagleBoards, etc.