Health Care Administrator


Direct Entry Job Permanent Cologne, Germany

Uploaded 7 May 2019

Job Description

The HCA will efficiently manage through e-mail, telephone, meetings and production and control of documentation, the daily administration necessary for maintaining ESA Astronaut health under his/her responsibility. Furthermore, s/he will apply his/her knowledge and capabilities to resolve medical related problems and issues requiring medical operations attention, as directed by the OSMU Lead. This position will be a primary point of contact for immediate health care needs, act as the primary interface to emergency medical services and will coordinate health related activities with flight medicine clinics and data collection sessions.


To support Flight Surgeons in the Operational Space Medicine Unit during current operations and in the pursuit of

future objectives and activities through:

  • Administrative activities, such as planning and scheduling of medical examinations and medical events.
  • Coordinate/integrate all crew activities including clinical tests, science / Baseline Data Collection (BDC)
  • Public Relations (PR), management meetings, debriefs, schedules, crewmember and/or surgeon requests for post space flight activities.
  • Astronaut medical data management activities, such as tracking medical exams relevant to flight certification status and the implementation of medical events related to pre-, in-, and post-flight activities.
  • Coordination activities, such as maintaining the interface to the ESA flight clinic and other International Partner’s medical facilities, as well as coordinating and reviewing the implementation of medical andscience requirements.
  • Maintenance of the astronaut medical files on paper and electronically, update information as appropriate, populate site with relevant documents.
  • Maintenance of life science experiment database according to Institutional Review Boards decisions.
  • Maintenance of the Space Medicine Office medical examination, facility and medical equipment.
  • Monitoring ESA astronaut international training schedules and acting as Space Medicine Office’s point of contact for the training division and external entities for any medical activity related matters.


Person Specification

  • Appropriate educational background for a Health Care Administrator (or equivalent) in his/her originating country or have a background in a related field such as technical health care assistant, health care service manager, physician’s assistant, nursing, etc.
  • Experience as a technical health care assistant, managing private medical data, and experience in the domain of aerospace medicine and/or life sciences research.
  • At least a B2 level (or equivalent) of the German language.
  • Appropriate computer literacy for the management and population of the OSMU electronic content management site (Microsoft SharePoint, SAMAS medical database) and the production of documentation by means of Microsoft Office applications.
  • Some minimal travel within Europe might be required.
  • Fluency in written and oral English communications.
  • The candidate should be a citizen of a European country supporting the European Space Agency; or Canada (an ESA-associate member).

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