Web User Interface Development Internship

Sapienza Consulting

Internship 3 months Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Uploaded 14 Jun 2019

Job Description

Sapienza Consulting is an international company based in Noordwijk. We develop a web-based application called ECLIPSE used in the space industry for the management of space projects. Our clients include the European Space Agency, TNO, OHB, Airbus, Thales Alenia Space and many more. Our developers and testers work within a Scrum team using sprints to improve the application. 

An intern in the development team can gain experience with any of the following technologies / techniques:

  • Development of Web User Interfaces (JAVA, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax).
  • Debugging using browser development tools.
  • Testing techniques and best practises.
  • Development of Web Services (RESTful (REST), JSON, XML, SOAP protocol).
  • Using JAVA Frameworks and Tools (JBOSS, Spring, SpringBoot, Hibernate, Lucene, SVN, GIT, Maven, Gradle, Junit, Sonar, NetBeans, IntelliJ).
  • Data storage: Oracle, MongoDB, SQL (SQLNavigator, SQLPlus), Toad.
  • Object oriented programming, full-stack development, unit testing, agile methodology .

Person Specification

  • Some experience in developing web user interfaces.
  • Good knowledge of English (company spoken and written language).
  • Dedication and willingness to learn.